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Our book and audiobook projects had been sitting on the shelf for years, gathering dust because no-one in our team could carve out enough time to do the work needed. Then we found Holly. Now they’re flying off the shelves and it’s such an unstressful joy to see them finally out there in the world.

Mark Tyrrell


For the last eight years I have relied on two extraordinary people – Agustin Gonzalez and Holly Worton.

Publishing problem solvers par excellence, they’ve mapped out an entirely new way of direct publishing, and have made it possible for me to break free from the clutches of the conventional publishing system.

Agustin and Holly handle almost everything relating to the preparation and publishing of my work – from having my manuscripts edited and proofed, to uploading finished files on the print-on-demand platforms, such as Amazon KDP and Ingram’s Lighting Source.

They work on my social media profiles, too, as well as overseeing the visibility of my work, translations, copyright issues, and a whole lot more.

Tribal Publishing offers the most impressive service imaginable, one tailored to each specific author. Based in the UK, their reach and vision are global, and their eye to attention is second-to-none.

Tahir Shah


Imagine walking unkempt and filthy off the Appalachian Trail and into a makeover—shower, hair styled, and new hip clothes that really fit.

Now imagine working with a team of gifted writers, editors, and graphic designers who help transform your unkempt—and perhaps filthy in places—electronic manuscript into an object of lucidity and physical elegance.

I look forward to Tribal Publishing cleaning me up the next time I come staggering off the writing trail.

Richard Greyson


Holly and Agustin have handled my father, Ken Tate, and my books from start to finish in the most professional manner possible. They have a streamlined process that takes our writing through multiple content and proof editing, cover design, ebook formatting and professional typesetting.

Agustin even translated one of our titles into Spanish. My father, Ken, was previously published on four separate occasions by Images Publishing in Australia, and sold over 40,000 architectural books with them. Dad is so glad to be in control now and publishing with this dynamic team!

Duke Tate


Since 2013, when the charity was founded, the Idries Shah Foundation has been working with Tribal Publishing for online marketing and community management. Later, we began to work with them for publishing services, including managing the team of editors, proofreaders, graphic designers, formatters, translators, and more. They handle all aspects of publishing, from manuscript to print, audio, and ebooks. They have successfully re-published 52 books in both English and Spanish, and will be continue to handle our publishing projects.  

Words can hardly describe the extraordinary contribution Tribal Publishing has made to our own publishing portfolio and online presence. We are absolutely indebted to Tribal’s foresight, their indefatigable diligence, and their ability to gauge one’s needs in a fast-moving charitable foundation.

The Idries Shah Foundation

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